This is the everything place. The place where we talk about yoga teacher trainings, yoga, music, motherhood, life, love and loss. I want to talk about the words used when we are feeling strong, and the words used when we think all is lost. I aim to reveal the beauty in the journey to healing, and I believe that includes diving into our pain. There may also be some words about my cats and my fondness of chips. This is more than a status update. This is the no holding back, all in, messy as hell sometimes, real deal situation. If you are into that, I think we have always been friends. It's really nice to meet you!


The Latest from Yogi Natalie

I’m Natalie. I am a writer, yoga teacher, momma, gluten free foodie, coffee worshiper and all around funny human. I am here to create programs and experiences that are memorable, soulful and inspiring. Got an idea? Let's do it! From guided writing experiences to yoga trainings, immersions, and retreats, I am here to author an event to remember.

Virtually. At least for now? I'm open.