A Friend In Me

Today after class I was struck by a question from a beautiful soul. The question was simple and yet it made my world stop. “Is there anything you need?” she said.
…..long lingering pause…..
“What do you mean?” I answered.

“Is there anything from me that you need? Because you give so much, and if you need a friend I want you to know that you have one in me. I’m here.”

My heart started to beat louder. I could feel it in my fingertips and my ears even tickled with sensation. I knew she meant it. Every word. And while I didn’t plan on hearing that today, I know I’ve prayed for it recently. There has been a bit of magic with love, even when it feels like life is having quite a time dealing out some painful jokes that are really lessons I’ve been trying to escape.

I think in the past I would have not taken that invitation because I would have wanted the story of “I don’t need anyone” to be my truth. As if needing and wanting connection is a plague to only the weak. These days that bullshit is a hard pass for me.

Time slowed as I answered her.
“I very much would love to have you as my friend. You’re family to me and I’m so grateful for your love. Thank you so much.” I meant it.

The end of our story here on earth is the same. But I don’t plan on spending mine alone.

We need each other.
That I believe.
Thank you for the souls that have been shining a bit brighter these days. You have been encouraging my light and my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have a friend in me.

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