About Natalie

About Yoga Teacher Natalie Martinez
My name is Natalie and I believe that healing comes from telling the stories of your life. I believe that it is perfectly awesome and reasonable to do yoga weekly, while having a love crush on an entire bag of chips and still be a spiritual badass. I believe in connection. More importantly the connection that requires a revealing of truth. The greatest souls still in my life are those I trusted with my WHOLE story.

I stumbled into a yoga studio a month before my 30th birthday. I say stumble because at that point in my life I didn’t trust even my legs to hold me up anymore. I was on the brink of a divorce, struggling through the grind of a corporate job that wasn’t filling my soul, and painfully trying to be strong for my daughter. I hadn’t written in years. Looking back, I think I didn’t want to write it down. The feelings were too big, the grief too ugly to see plain as day on a paper. To write it would make it true. And I would then have to act, which felt terrifying.

But even still, I found myself in the early morning hours, scribbling about my pain and my dwindling hope. That was the moment when I started to climb out of the mess. That was the moment where I changed the ending to the stories I was writing. That was the moment I changed my life. It all started with writing it down.

I completed my first yoga 200 hour teacher training in the same year I started practicing. After dancing for more than 20 years of my life, the movement to music and breath seemed to always make sense. There was something exceptionally healing about a practice focused on what it feels like rather than the exterior aesthetic. But, I felt alive again when the music kicked on. There are a few things that I don’t want to live without. Sunglasses, chips, and a journal for sure. But my number one will forever be music and my trusty headphones.

I listen to everything. I mean it. My first love affair was with Elvis Presley followed by the Beatles. I had a Pearl Jam phase in high school, because as a 90s kid who didn’t? Hip hop came in loud and strong for my college years and still thrives as a front runner favorite. But, the singer-songwriter category has my heart, like the love that shows up on a rainy night when all the roads are closed. Like any story, I want to feel it in my bones.

Everything that I love leads back to stories. The music I listen to, the experience of a yoga class, the movement of the body and the words that fill a page. I aim to be moved. I reach to be touched in that unexplainable way that lingers when truth and magic dance together. My intention will always be one that reminds you of the strength you have to heal. Often, it starts with telling the very story you are scared of telling. Writing takes a leap of faith. I’m here to cheer you on so we can jump together.

I teach what I need. And I know that I am not the only one with this ache.
I teach yoga because I need to move and dance.
I teach music for yoga and writing because it is a special glue. It’s like that family recipe with a secret ingredient. My family has one for guacamole and no, you can’t have it. I teach writing because words matter as much as water. I teach storytelling in many forms. I’ve led yoga teacher trainings and workshops at Radiant Yoga, El Dorado Hills.  I’m pleased to announce I’ve compiled my own 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training as well.

My name is Natalie Martinez and I believe we can heal, together.
I can’t wait to meet you and hear your stories.

Virtually. At least for now? I'm open.