Brave, Not Broken

In order to heal fully there may be times where the past needs to be brought forth. It’s more than recounting the details as if you were documenting steps. To really release anything it must be felt first. Fully. No rules or restrictions.

Write. With the intention of setting flames to it after. And with every pen stroke be gut calling honest.

Write from the places you’ve been. Write from the places you’ve seen and the places you’ve touched. It doesn’t mean you build a forever home there. It doesn’t mean that is your only story.
You are not one story.
You are not one emotion.
You are not a piece.
You are whole.

You are both the healer and the released.
Remove the locks. They have always been an illusion anyway.
Remove the locks.
You won’t break if you go in.
Broken isn’t a word we use here, my dear.
Brave is.

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