200hr Breathless Yoga Teacher Training

Breathless yoga training

Week Two of this 200 Hour Breathless Yoga Teacher Training dives into the following:

Full Dates and Times:
Week 1: March 17th – 25th from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

(location @ Radiant Yoga, 530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills)

Week 2: June 16th – 24th from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

(location @ Radiant Yoga, 530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills)

Reading and practice teaching will be required between the two immersion weeks

  • Investment: $3,200 if registered before 2/17/18 and $3,500 if registered after 2/17/18. An initial non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your place in the program once your application has been accepted. Final payment MUST be made by the start of the training on 3/17/18. In addition, once the training begins on 3/17/18 tuition is non-refundable.
  • Students enrolled in Breathless Yoga Teacher Training are eligible for 20% off all class pass packages at Radiant Yoga for the training period of 3/17/17 – 6/24/18.
  • Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible for the Registered Yoga Teacher designation (RYT-200) from Yoga Alliance.
  • After your application is accepted please contact Radiant Yoga at 916-933-0300 or info@radiantyogaedh.com regarding payment options.
Read more about Breathless Yoga
Many people are not aware of what breathless yoga is, they have a lot of questions in their minds when they first hear about it. “What is it? Is it dangerous? It sounds dangerous?”

Well for starters breathless yoga is mostly based on vinyasa yoga in which the breath focuses more on the flow of the movement without letting it break. It is a fast-paced yoga that gets your heart racing and hence the term “breathless”. It does not keep the body and mind stationary in one pose but keeps changing with the rhythm and the beat of the music that’s playing.

Breathless Yoga plays a major role in one’s life. It helps you learn to adapt to a regularly changing life and situations. It helps your body adapt to the changes made and help you keep your peace and not lose your calm when life takes a different turn of events. It helps you deal with stressful situations in a more healthy and productive way. It helps you connect more with your inner core, lift you up and give you a sense of accomplishment and new empowerment, the confidence to believe that anything is possible, the confidence and assurance that you will not bend under pressure and walk through life strong and graceful, ready to heal and take on the world.

I’ve attended Breathless Yoga Teacher trainings as a student and I truly appreciate the experience. I’ve also assisted and co-led Breathless Yoga teacher trainings.

Breathless yoga training

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