Golden Birthday

Today is your golden birthday, and I can’t help but stare at you a bit longer and take extra kisses to the edges of your smile. I believe with my whole body that you were meant for me. I know it in the way you give me strength to change my life and in the sweet way you reach for my hand when tears are raging on the inside. You’ve been through big things in your 9 years and there isn’t a day that goes by, where I don’t marvel at how much grace you have in this world. Having two homes, two families and two schedules didn’t divide you. It grew your heart.

This year you’ve been into gymnastics, tumbling, high pony tails, Momma’s yoga classes, unicorns, painting and your latest acting adventure in your school play. Your sense of humor continues to reach beyond your years and your “truth bombs” about what you think about life and relationships often leaves me speechless.

Thank you for picking me for this life. Thank you for being my heart and my daily reminder that giving up is not an option.
Last night, you asked to pick a special book out for me to read to you. You love the last lines. “She is there when I laugh, she is there when I cry. Forever connected at the heart, my Mommy and I.” Forever my love. Happy Birthday, Makai

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