I Hate Hummus

Hey there, my name is Natalie!
I teach power vinyasa yoga and love to incorporate moving to the beat of the music at some point. I danced for over 20 years of my life so music runs deep in these bones and I find my own power and healing in that connection. My loving goal is to offer that space to others.

I love coffee and I’m almost confused if you don’t ?. I really want to love hummus but I strongly do not.
My nose scrunches when I smile big sometimes and one side of my face will raise a bit higher than the other due to a past episode of my face being paralyzed for 6 months. That’s a whole story in itself!
I love stories. Of all kinds. I would rather listen to stories of your life than what you think of the weather or the chores ahead in your day. I’m into heart conversations, honesty and connection.
I cry when I feel a lot. So that is often. Telling me it is a weakness or to pull myself together is a sure way to exit my life. I’m getting better about that being the case.
I find it suffocating to not be myself.
I find it excruiating to not have quiet time to feel.

I was named after the actress Natalie Wood and I was born the summer she died. My mom thought I would have big brown eyes like her and yet my eyes are blue, like the ocean. I like to think that was the first sign of my quiet sass and rebellion. These emotion-filled waters of mine run deep.
I can smell someone’s agenda a mile away and still there’s a soft side of me that wants to give space for it to be different.
I am the happiest with slow mornings, the sound of the ocean forever alive, big grandma sweaters, no plans, my journal and my family within reach. And coffee ☕. Duh.

Currently, I am in the market of creating and learning and trusting the “whoa Nelly whips” of navigating this life. If you’re in the Sacramento area and wanna move together let’s do that.
Much more to come. Stay tuned ?.

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