I’ve Got This

Some days when you don’t see it
a war comes knocking with a twist
and on those days especially
grab your hand and say I’ve got this

You see there will be ones
who gather and form
with their rage and anger
when you are no longer the norm

There are days where I can
find the humor in it all
for the ones who scream the loudest
are the most afraid of the fall

I am not one of those
who will go on the attack
no I will stand firm
and not turn my back

For the ones who snarl and say
change doesn’t look good on me
would you rather I be the woman
I was when I was 23?

No I think not
we are meant to evolve and get better
that is the truth behind
every angry letter

You know this to the core
and yet this is a truth you hide
because if this truth is uncovered
all would see how you lied

How you kept away
the natural feelings of fear
how you snarl at the ones
who hold up your mirror

Yes you would have to bear it all
to be naked and seen
to be human with me
into emotions we lean

You can stay in your way
and the anger of the tribe
but I will grab my own hand
and never take your bribe

So today like all the rest
I will reach out in this way
to grip the power that is close
seeing your nod in dismay

But some days my loves
in order to claim your bliss
remember you are not alone,
reach for your hand and say
I’ve got this!

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