Kill Them With Kindness

My mother would always say, “Kill ’em with kindness. It confuses them!” Oh how I love wisdom wrapped with a belly nudge of laughter.

More and more this has been taking the spotlight in my life. In the land of boundaries, respect and space I still believe that kindness matters. Many times that will require your feet to be rooted. Many times that will require a deep breath before words. All times it will require a risk of vulnerability which means your heart is on the line.

Some call it the high road.
I think it’s the only road.

The truth is speaking up, using your voice or saying NO doesn’t mean your words that gash, actions that pierce or utter cruelty that hacks another are now celebrated and accepted. That damage will ask for the assailant to sit and own every single bit. For me, that’s a burden and a cost too big.

If I am honest with myself, I have a bit more kindness in me on any given day. It may be a place where I must dig deeply, but it is certainly there. And at this point I would rather be the one that confuses the world of anger and screaming rather than the one who is the cause of a scar.

Kill ’em with kindness.
Thanks, Momma ❤.

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