Love Pays Attention

This week, a dear friend of mine said something that I haven’t stopped thinking about. Truly, I haven’t stopped feeling it and letting it sink in.

“Love pays attention. Love will notice a change in the breath and a shift. Love pays attention.”

These words hit fast as I started to really spend time checking in on my vision. How am I seeing those I love? Am I really looking? Can I notice the smallest change? Every day, every week, every lunch packed and night time tuck in, I am trying my best. I am trying to be there with my spirit, but the reality is that some weeks are a blur. I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy or brain power to pull together even 2 family meals. I’ve driven home after school with my daughter and couldn’t tell you what story she told on some days. Then there are days where I haven’t hugged my husband and the only things we have talked about are bills and scheduling for the kids. Life becomes the obstacle course it can sometimes be, and I forget the incredible team that I am on with family and friends. So I aim, to pay more attention.

This week I have taken as many moments as possible to notice, watch and feel. I’ve spent time looking at loved ones and letting the details about them sink in as if I was planning to write a documentary just about them. I’ve loved this and it has shown me even more the level of awesome I have in my life.

So here’s to paying attention,
one car story at a time.
Here’s to leveling up on love,
one day at a time.

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