More Than One Word

When I look back on this year, there isn’t one word for it. There isn’t one emotion or one story. It was a year. One full of highlights and stormy nights. One of fullness and of loss, changing of plans and making of new ones. One of shedding. One I fought for and in.

I’ve had the kindest most loving words said to me this year mixed in with times of harshness too. I never share that for the sigh of pity, but rather the breath of truth. In this social platform of connection of sorts we share many highlight reels, but throughout my journey here I have aimed to share the twists, turns and feels of everything else. My greatest joys and laughter have come from the belly of the fight to live. No one gets to take an escalator to the top of the mountain in this life. We all must grab a walking stick, lace up our boots and get on with putting one foot in front of the other even through muddy waters.

Today, I started my day with music and writing. Then I taught a class to an army of courageous souls called to feel on this eve of the new year. Now, I’m resting. Going to take a bath, read and let everything sink in. This year was a year. One that I showed up for, lived in, fought in, cried in and loved in. It was a year of being alive. And tomorrow, I do that same powerful act.

I will show up for my life.

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