New Direction

Shadows can bring definition
richness to disarray
warmth to the discolored
direction to the wanderers
answers to the seekers.

Shadows can bring definition.
one that spans more than time
lines that trace hurt
with a blurred sprinkle of scars
never to disfigure
more to remind

Shadows can bring definition.
not by way of labels
not by way of groups or tribes
not by way of you not me
by way of touch
by way of waves
by way of air

Shadows can bring definition.
like a favorite chair with a view
like the way the smell of jasmine transports
the way salt from the ocean feels on your cheeks
like the way love will chase you

Shadows can bring definition.
they can lead the way
for against them, from them
a truth will be illuminated, traced, painted and directed
there will be a response for the seeker

Today and every day my warmth
my richness
my distinction
and my direction
Is LOVE ❤.

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