No Mistake

It is no mistake
that we all landed here
lined up as one
on this very new year

This is the room
where we come to pray
where we come to remember
day after day

We come to let this voice
be rightfully loud
we come to declare
that in this life we will be proud

There is a saying
that floats around
from the lips of doubters
in town to town

It goes work hard
and stay humble
but it means stay small
and don’t rumble

It means don’t be you
stay like the rest
don’t use that voice
don’t be your best

Stay humble they say
in a voice of shame
stay humble and let the bully
keep you tame

No it is no mistake
that we landed here
to charge our voices
no longer in fear

To be humble is
to let love live
to let it fuel your world
and shape what you give

Be humble calls for you
to take up space
to bellow with joy
knowing this is your place

None of this life
aims for you to be small
today we stand as one
and burn down that wall

We return with love
to the home of our true self
hearts high
beaming in loving wealth

My loves this is the year
where we keep those chins lifted
and bring a bright light
to all that we’ve been gifted

It is not about being less than
or greater than
it’s claiming all the moments
and being all we can

So breathe life into your gifts
let them be loud and proud
may we cheer each other on
as we surely draw a crowd

For our message will be
I am gifted and so are you
may we be big together
in all that we do

For I know it is no mistake
that we landed here
to banish the doubt
and step away from fear
For this is a moment
to set up all the rest
to start again
and be our best

I know this is the place
where we stand as one
chins lifted in praise
for all that we’ve become

There is no mistake
that we found our way
to a room for big, gifted souls
on this very NEW DAY!

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