As a kid I would ask my parents to leave the hall light on as I went to bed. Like most kids I was scared of the dark so I needed some light to anchor me. Now at 36 years old, one of my greatest accomplishments that I hold close to my heart is that I am not filled with fear over the dark. While I do not sleep with a night light on, life will show you darkness. No one is immune. No one is brought to their knees in the starkness of light for if you open your eyes while the earth holds you there, you will see a shadow. I have befriended the dark knowing now it isn’t a place I live, but rather part of nature. We marvel through the seasons of how mother nature will bring rain, wind, storms and change the tide, but we scorn and scold the shifting emotions within this mother, this soul, this being. I’ve been told time and time again by some that I am dark and heavy with emotion. While that used to feel like tripping over thorn filled vines, I now bless those moments because there was a time I was there too. We judge the things we don’t understand, the emotions we don’t want to touch, the voices that make us squirm and the souls that I ask us to feel more even on the cloudy days.

These days I am not fearful of the dark, of the pauses, of the sadness, of the contemplation, of the grief, or of the tears. I find richness there and I don’t scurry to find relief. I create my own view. May you know every part of you. The dark and the light and that sweet spot right in the center where you realize that without one you cannot have the other.

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