She Spoke of Gold

Today marks the release of my first ebook publication of a collection of poetry. This has been a collection that has simmered and stirred in my body for many years. I certainly had to live the story before I could write about it, but time has a way of healing wounds and reflecting back lessons. I needed time. I needed to struggle, but most of all I needed to fight for something.

She Spoke of Gold is the symbolic journey towards my own rising written in poetry form.  Five years ago I went through a major shift in my life when I got a divorce. It was the right thing for me. My soul needed it and in order to be the mother I truly want to be, I needed this. But still, I grieved. I fought and raged with all the emotions of failing. I kicked and screamed through dark days of not having my daughter with me and starting over. I held myself often and sweetly and these years turned into my biggest learning about my own heart. I didn’t rush emotions away, I sat with them. And when it was time to step forward, I was ready.

Every page in She Spoke of Gold comes from a moment that helped me ultimately rebuild my life. It is my deep and sincere hope to remind myself and others of the power within our own light. May we be unafraid to tell the stories that come from dark places, for we know the lessons of the light come on the darkest days. It is what we take from those moments that we hold close as we move forward. For me, that strength will always be GOLD.

To purchase She Spoke of Gold click here.

Thank you for letting stories in. Thank you for listening.

With love always,


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