Soul and Sass

I was a fish out of water
in a small town tribe
never connecting to their music
to make me feel alive

and then the bass hit
with those deep beats
and suddenly I felt
the ground beneath my feet

they would say
you must be from the city by the bay
that must be why
you move your body in that way

they would say
don’t dare move like that on your mat
and now I scream
homie, don’t play that

you say you are a gangsta
well that don’t impress me none
I have more swagger
in this top bun

some days the words
don’t have to be tight
because if the beat is right
this soul will dance all night

my soul is not
just one color
it is ALL of them
and THAT is what I will mother

I will not be small
in what I bring
so at times that
may come as a scream

it is my soul
bursting to not hide
to not contain
to not be set aside

you say not to use those words, but
when I say FUCK what follows is a YES
and I will not use YOUR words
to feel my best

so this body will shake
it will shimmy and drop it like it’s hot
because my soul says
beautiful girl, why the fuck not

here’s to the sisters
the ones who fill this room
connected in truth
powered by a boom

here’s to the sisters
the ones who reign
with big time love
that won’t be tame

here’s to what moves
and sets the soul free
here’s to you and me
here’s to the sisters of WE!

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