Street Named Belief

The day I stood for me
some left
some judged
some screamed and aimed to tear down my roots.

The difference on that day was that I was willing to stand alone. I was scared anymore to be an army of one if need be. It felt more urgent to stand. To stand and say no to everything that crowded and clouded being me.

So I stood. It was as if things were still in fast forward around me. As if my feet decided to stop and plant down on the busy streets of NYC.

I didn’t hear anything but my own breath.
I didn’t feel anything but my own heart.
I didn’t see anything but hope.
And I didn’t want anything but my own life.

The day I stood for me some left, but many gathered. They didn’t appear because I begged. They showed because I believed in my worthiness, my life and me.

Stand for you
and I will stand for me
And let our army form
on the street named BELIEF.

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