From frustration to focus, life will show you a mess of sorts, a tangle similar to all of your favorite necklaces wrapped in knots. Life will show you, then ask for you to trust in the process of unraveling.
Focus my dear. Taking one cord, one chain at a time. Let your fingertips trace the engraved pendants of belief, hopes and paths that started and changed. Sit with each one and you will know when you are finished.
You will know because there will be two piles. The smaller one will contain the brightest gold because those are the few still being powered by you and they are the ones that will feel the most alive. The larger pile will need you to say a prayer for because while they hold memories of the past, there is no longer room for them in the box of your creations. Hold them, thank them and then free them.
Every tangled moment will be meant for you to focus. So focus my dear, no matter the length of time needed or the heat that comes from not knowing the way to unravel at first. Trust in your focus and even more have faith that you will make it through.

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