The Things We Teach

My 8 year old daughter came to my class yesterday. I taught as I do right now. From a place that felt real in that moment. I spoke about pain and hiding and didn’t hold back because my daughter was in the room. My eyes pulled to her often and I watched as she let herself be messy and as she looked around to follow along. Several times during a pause in class she got my attention and mouthed “I love you Momma.” We talked the whole way home about class. She always needs a moment to talk about how hot the room is and how much we sweat. It makes me giggle because even as an adult I remember thinking that when I started. Then she shared two things. Two things that will stay on my heart. Two things that grabbed my breath. Two things that are a reminder of how deeply important this work truly is.

She said, “You know sometimes when you are thinking a lot? About so many different things? That happens to me sometimes. And when it does I let myself to feel that. And sometimes I tighten my muscles in yoga to remember where I am, and I tell myself to just think of that one thing. And then it doesn’t take long for me to feel better. And that one thing is ok then to leave.” When I asked her if she would come back to class she said, “Yes, I wanna go back. I wanna go back because mommy does it and I want to be like mommy.” The things we teach. Even on the days where we think we don’t have the microphone. Some sweet soul is looking, some sweet soul is feeling and some sweet soul is needing to see that we will never give up on this life.

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