To The Edge

I want to be
a writer
a creator
of my own story
And may those chapters lead me
to all my glitz and glory
Now more than ever
I know this possibility to be true
Because life will continue in the mystery
while dropping shiny clues

While I will be guided towards the light
I am strong in the dark
For I know the pain won’t kill me
even if it does leave a mark
As the prayer goes
love take me down deep
With eyes closed
and faith big
I am ready to take that leap

Spirit lead these feet
towards what you aim for me to feel
I am all in
from corner to corner
I say yes to this creation
It’s that kind of deal

Spirit lead me to places light and dark
where the land seems to end
And I will lay my heart open
willing to mend

Spirit lead me so that I may see
with more than these eyes
My strength
my power
my grace
Through the fire, unleash these cries

May we create and rise
together with this pledge
Love take me down deep
Love take me to the edge.

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