Walk With Her

She experiences the world differently.

She would say it was special, by way of symbols.

She would say it is the only way she knows how.

The wind takes her laugh for miles so that others can hear her joy. Although, at times she feels the most at peace in the silence of the outer spoken word. The silence allows her poems to be heard more clearly.

She takes note of the hummingbirds that visit her, of the rain that seems to fall when she is grieving, of the song that hits her heart when it is in a period of ache, and of the kindness from a stranger when her own spirit is running low. Her favorite stories are the ones full of suspense, mystery, heartache, redemption and the finding of love once lost. She will tell you that is the very reason she loves life.

She is a collector of beauty found in dark corners, of heroes who were once doubted, and of moments she calls points of turn illuminated by the light of wisdom. The seconds where the outer world slows, when the air is palpable and the heart beats in a way that etches a signature, will call for her attention time and time again. The moment where a course is about to change, she will wait in anticipation dressed with a childlike grin. She, in those scenes, always speaks these words, “This will change everything. I know I am ready.”

Her comfort these days lies more in the category of not knowing. Not knowing what is next, but rather believing deeply that there is no mistake rocks her heart gently to rest in faith. In this way she can hear a story about a wolf and not be struck by fear. Instead, she smiles because the wolf reminds her of her wild, fierce and proud nature.

She fancies herself an explorer, an artist for sure and a woman of wisdom. She uses pieces, symbols and lessons of this life to put pen to paper and tell the story of what is underneath. If we are only willing to touch the surface, we are missing a vast world of mystery and connection to the stories we are meant to know.

The exterior is a sign post.

The interior is the pathway she walks.

The moment you decide there is no mistake, is the moment you will walk by her side.

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