Yoga Classes in Folsom| El Dorado Hills|Sacramento

I teach vinyasa yoga, but at the core I teach breath, movement, expression and freedom. In every class you’ll get to experience a balance of held poses and moving one breath one movement, as well as yin yoga, to anchor us back to the earth. I use music in all my classes. I think it is a powerful element of storytelling and emotional discovery. All of these classes are geared towards an experience with the body and spirit. It is my intention to provide a challenge, something to reach for, but I will root you on every step of the way!

Life transforms when we believe in ourselves.

Every class, every breath is an opportunity to find that BIG BELIEF.

*this is my current weekly schedule, which is subject to substitutions should I take a day to go surfing.
**ok, ok I don’t surf (yet!), but it is always good to check the online studio schedule to make sure!

Natalie Martinez E-RYTNatalie Martinez - Yoga School

Virtually. At least for now? I'm open.